I just spent a solid 90 minutes typing. I was in the zone! I had this adjustment period topic on my mind and I had the words to express exactly what has been going on, only to refresh my page and have ALL that work dissipate into the abyss!! Not only was this for sharing with the World Wide Web, but also to email most of the same information to my Peace Corps champion (supervisor(ish) person on PC staff). Ugh. Why? Why on Earth did I think that I should type on the web page?? Wifi here is never that reliable, but today, for the first time in this country, I took my chances and, now, I am facing the consequences. Stupid internet! Stupid unreliable wifi! Stupid Christy for knowing better and choosing to ignore the knowledge! Oh foolishness, why do you overcome me today?

It is very rare that I have the mental ability to sit still at my computer and type the thoughts in my head without over thinking them, so that, I can later come back, edit and make it sound as if I have a fairly normal train of thought. This is indeed, a very, very infrequent occasion. All that brainpower directly out the window, tossed to the breeze, flushed down the toilet, burned with the rubbish! (choose your metaphor). On the bright side, this does give me something new to rant about, which is helping me recover from my brainless moment. Only now, I still have to re-write most of the previous draft since that was actually something important. Boooo! I am thoroughly disappointed, even worse. I cannot remember half of what i had written.

And now, alas, I am out of words.

Stupid Ugandan internet.


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